Thoughts on the ‘greenhouse effect’


The black line is the annual variation in atmospheric "aborbing power" over a 61-year period. The red trend line shows the greenhouse aborbing power remaining constant (in equilibrium) during that period. Greenhouse absorption increases (blue trend line) only when H20 levels are kept constant.

Here is my reply to Roy Spencer’s recent column describing the reality of the “greenhouse effect”:

Thanks for the nice explanation of the workings of the so-called “greenhouse effect,” which, as you point out, is misnamed. It more accurately should be referred to as the “atmospheric effect,” but I guess we’re stuck with “greenhouse.”

I notice you don’t spend much time explaining the role of conduction, convection and vaporization and its contribution to the earth’s cooling. Is it possible that those atmospheric processes overwhelm what little impact the earth receives from CO2-induced warming?

Dr. Ferenc Miskolczi’s peer-reviewed findings indicate that there is a “greenhouse equilibrium,” probably the result of changes in atmospheric water vapor transport and heat transport, cancelling out the thermal impact of increased levels of CO2.

As Miskolczi notes: “Our atmosphere, with its infinite degree of freedom, is able to maintain its global average infrared absorption at an optimal level. In technical terms, this “greenhouse constant” is the total infrared optical thickness of the atmosphere, and its theoretical value is 1.87. Despite the 30 per cent increase of CO2 in the last 61 years, this value has not changed. The atmosphere is not increasing its absorption power as was predicted by the IPCC.

He continues:

“The conventional greenhouse theory does not consider the newly discovered physical relationships involving infrared radiative fluxes. These relationships pose strong energetic constraints on an equilibrium system . . . Nobody thought that a 100-year-old theory could be wrong. The original greenhouse formula, developed by an astrophysicist, applies only to the stars, not to finite, semi-transparent planetary atmospheres. New equations had to be formulated.”


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Global warmists in full retreat

I’ve just posted my latest column, “Global warming alarmists in full retreat as skeptics attack greenhouse theory.”  Here is an excerpt. 

The assaults on [Christopher] Monckton and other high-visibility skeptics (for example, Marc Morano of Climate Depot, Joe D’Aleo of ICECAP, Dr. Willie Soon, Dr. Fred Singer, Anthony Watts and Dr. Ferenc Miskolczi) are further evidence that the global warmists are in full retreat and resorting to slash and burn tactics as they make a desperate last stand to defend their cherished theory from the onslaught of countervailing scientific evidence.

Recently, the so-called “greenhouse effect” has itself come under increasing attack by a phalanx of scientific experts, including Dr. Gerhard Gerlich and Dr. Ralf D. Tscheuschner, professor Nasif Nahle, former radio-chemist Alan Siddons, analytical chemist Hans Schreuder, combustion research scientist Martin Hertzberg, and engineer Heinz Thieme.

In desperation, global warming “True Believers” have turned into a pack of snarling attack dogs.

Last year, 130 skeptical German scientists co-signed an Open Letter of protest to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, asserting, among other things, that a “growing body of evidence shows anthropogenic CO2 plays no measurable role” in Earth’s climate.

The scientists derided global warming as a “pseudo religion,” said the “UN IPCC has lost its scientific credibility,” and dismissed the alarmist warnings of rising CO2, claiming it “had no measurable effect” on temperatures.

See the full article here.

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Dr. Ferenc Miskolczi fights uphill battle with NASA

I talked to physicist Dr. Ferenc Miskolczi earlier this year about his uphill battle to publish his research challenging the conventional theory of greenhouse gas warming.

Miskolczi spent months trying to convince NASA to publish his controversial work, which contradicts the widespread notion that human CO2 emissions are warming the planet.

Here is an excerpt:

Miskolczi’s research was greeted less than cordially by his bosses. After submitting his results to Applied Optics, a respected peer-review journal, he was told to withdraw the paper by his employer, Analytical Services and Materials, a NASA contractor. When he protested (the paper was midway through the review process), his boss withdrew it. He later confronted his NASA supervisor, Dr. Martin Mlynczak, and was simply ignored, he says.

When contacted by phone, Mlynczak refused to discuss the issue. “We’re not going to comment on that,” he said. But, later, NASA public affairs spokesman Chris Rink said the agency “felt the paper did not offer any new insights.” Yet discovered that Miskolczi and Mlynczak had co-authored and submitted a similar research paper with nearly identical atmospheric equations in 2004.

After his paper was withdrawn, Miskolczi’s relationship with his supervisors deteriorated. “Since all of them are experts in the field, I presume they fully understood the implications of the findings,” he says. “They never challenged my results or shared my research with other greenhouse experts. They were just keeping silent. NASA is not an honest research environment.”

You’ll find the full story here.

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Record-breaking cold in South America

I just finished reading Alexandre Aguiar’s article, “Historical Cold Snap Freezes South America,” which appears on

Here is an eye-opening excerpt describing the magnitude of the cold weather experienced as far north as the equator:

 “Maybe the most notable fact took place in North South America. The cold reached Amazon and temperatures felt to as low as 7C in towns in the Amazon Forest in the states of Acre and Rondonia. Temperature even felt in Roraima, where the state capital Boa Vista record 20C (normal lows are 25C) and the wind were blowing from the South. Boa Vista is located at 2 degrees North of latitude, so the influence of the Antarctic cold blast crossed the Equator line and reached towns in the Northern Hemisphere. It would be the same of a cold snap from the Arctic crossing the entire North America continent, the Caribbean and reaching North Brazil in cities at 2 degrees South of latitude as Santarem, a bizarre situation.”

Read the rest of the article here:

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Miskolczi destroys greenhouse theory

Editor’s note: In response to reader interest in Dr. Ferenc Miskolczi’s provocative greenhouse theory challenging the widespread belief in man-caused global warming, Climate Truth has asked the former NASA researcher to explain his work further. Earlier this week he attacked the prevailing climate-change theory, calling it “a lie.”
At Dr. Miskolczi’s request, we also have posted his letter sent last year to the Environmental Protection Agency, summarizing his research and questioning the agency’s efforts to declare CO2 a harmful pollutant that poses a threat to earth’s climate.
Climate Truth: Has there been global warming?
Dr. Miskolczi: No one is denying that global warming has taken place, but it has nothing to do with the greenhouse effect or the burning of fossil fuels.
Climate Truth:  According to the conventional anthropogenic global warming (AGW) theory, as human-induced CO2 emissions increase, more surface radiation is absorbed by the atmosphere, with part of it re-radiated to the earth’s surface, resulting in global warming.  Is that an accurate description of the prevailing theory?  
Dr. Miskolczi: Yes, this is the classic concept of the greenhouse effect.

  Continue reading

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Harvard astrophysicist dismisses AGW theory, challenges peers to ‘take back climate science’

In the following interview, Dr. Willie Soon, a solar and climate scientist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, questions the prevailing dogma of man-made global warming and challenges his peers to “take back climate science.” His remarks are his personal opinion based upon 19 years of scientific research. 

ClimateTruth: What drives climate change on Earth? 

Dr. Soon: Most of the weather and climate variations we observed are essentially related to the sun and the changing seasons – not by CO2 radiative forcing and feedback. The climate system is constantly readjusting naturally in a large way – more than we would ever see from CO2. The CO2 kick [impact of CO2 emissions] is extremely small compared to what is happening in a natural way. Within the framework of a proper study of the sun-climate connection, you don’t need CO2 to explain anything. 

ClimateTruth: What is your opinion of the anthropogenic (man-caused) global warming theory? 

Dr. Soon: It’s never been about the science – even from the very beginning. It’s based on confusion and a mixture of ideology. We should deal only in the facts that we do know.  Continue reading

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