Record-breaking cold in South America

I just finished reading Alexandre Aguiar’s article, “Historical Cold Snap Freezes South America,” which appears on

Here is an eye-opening excerpt describing the magnitude of the cold weather experienced as far north as the equator:

 “Maybe the most notable fact took place in North South America. The cold reached Amazon and temperatures felt to as low as 7C in towns in the Amazon Forest in the states of Acre and Rondonia. Temperature even felt in Roraima, where the state capital Boa Vista record 20C (normal lows are 25C) and the wind were blowing from the South. Boa Vista is located at 2 degrees North of latitude, so the influence of the Antarctic cold blast crossed the Equator line and reached towns in the Northern Hemisphere. It would be the same of a cold snap from the Arctic crossing the entire North America continent, the Caribbean and reaching North Brazil in cities at 2 degrees South of latitude as Santarem, a bizarre situation.”

Read the rest of the article here:


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