Dr. Ferenc Miskolczi fights uphill battle with NASA

I talked to physicist Dr. Ferenc Miskolczi earlier this year about his uphill battle to publish his research challenging the conventional theory of greenhouse gas warming.

Miskolczi spent months trying to convince NASA to publish his controversial work, which contradicts the widespread notion that human CO2 emissions are warming the planet.

Here is an excerpt:

Miskolczi’s research was greeted less than cordially by his bosses. After submitting his results to Applied Optics, a respected peer-review journal, he was told to withdraw the paper by his employer, Analytical Services and Materials, a NASA contractor. When he protested (the paper was midway through the review process), his boss withdrew it. He later confronted his NASA supervisor, Dr. Martin Mlynczak, and was simply ignored, he says.

When contacted by phone, Mlynczak refused to discuss the issue. “We’re not going to comment on that,” he said. But, later, NASA public affairs spokesman Chris Rink said the agency “felt the paper did not offer any new insights.” Yet Examiner.com discovered that Miskolczi and Mlynczak had co-authored and submitted a similar research paper with nearly identical atmospheric equations in 2004.

After his paper was withdrawn, Miskolczi’s relationship with his supervisors deteriorated. “Since all of them are experts in the field, I presume they fully understood the implications of the findings,” he says. “They never challenged my results or shared my research with other greenhouse experts. They were just keeping silent. NASA is not an honest research environment.”

You’ll find the full story here.


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2 Responses to Dr. Ferenc Miskolczi fights uphill battle with NASA

  1. David. A. Evans says:

    Do you have an email address for Ferenc? I have some important personal information about a mutual friend!

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